Welcome to The Wild Nature Blog

With the help of Julian Derry and large quantities of coffee WildNature.org was born yesterday. It is to be the watering hole where strange new beasts and familiar old friends can cool their heels whilst making free with thoughts on the natural world – what has amazed you, what connects us to it, and how can we look after it. Right now we’re waiting for the site to be generated at <wildnature.org> but the site (and this blog) can in the meantime be reached at: <mgmsolutions.com>. It will be developed over the course of several months.

This evening, I have just one gripe. Large amounts of development money are being diverted from mainline conservation to climate change. I am amazed at the number of jobs being created. Consultancy companies are advertising for specialists (and what is a climate change specialist, you might well ask). Lets not take our eyes off the ecosystems, habitats and species that are being squeezed by economic demands as well as the climate. We need them.

About Martyn Murray

I fell in love with nature when I turned twenty-one camping under Acacias in East Africa, surrounded by giraffe and zebra with my nape hair raised by the distant roaring of lions. I went on to work for fifty years in Africa, Europe and Asia as an ecologist and conservation consultant. A few years ago I moved to the Isle of Lismore to pursue my passion for reconnecting people with the natural world. My first book, The Storm Leopard, is a journey across Africa and into the heart of the environmental crisis. My second, Origin of Species: Bite-Sized, contains the essence of Charles Darwin's greatest work – his theory of evolution by natural selection – in a text that is 15% the length of the original. The third, Beyond the Hebrides, is the story of a sea voyage in an old leaking boat and on how to keep personal freedom alive. I am currently working on a fourth which is about the global collapse of the natural world. Its working title is, In This Together. It challenges us all over our current connections with nature. More details are on my website, www.martynmurray.com.
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2 Responses to Welcome to The Wild Nature Blog

  1. JFDerry says:

    Well done Mart. Welcome to the Blogosphere.

  2. Martyn says:

    This blog can now be accessed from wildnature.org thanks again to Julian Derry for technical support.

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