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Book Trailers and Videos

Electronic books are set to rival our beloved, dog-eared shelf-mates. In 2009, Amazon sold about 2.4 million Kindles and in 2010 the figure jumped to 8 million plus. I decided I might as well embrace the change and begin thinking … Continue reading

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Tropical Rain Forests – Wonders of the World or Service Providers?

Most people if asked might admit that they like, perhaps even love, wildlife and wild creatures; some may believe in the right of every other organism to just ‘be’ and value life (any life) for just that reason. A friend … Continue reading

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The Rabbit Catcher

Rarely a poem may provide a glimpse of nature as intimate as nature herself, perhaps more often it reveals something of our own complex human nature. Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath lived on Dartmoor in the mid-sixties, and this extract … Continue reading

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